If you have recently dined at the P.F. Chang’s in Collegeville, located in the Providence Town Center, and paid via credit or debit card, your personal information may have been compromised.

According to a report on KYW 1060, the restaurant chain was alerted by the FBI that three locations locally were involved in the case during which diners’ account numbers, customer name and expiration dates may have been taken.

“We’ve definitely seen a rise in the security breaches of credit cards in retail establishments,” Bucks County Consumer Protection Director Mike Bannan told KYW’s Brad Segall. “A lot of these places are victims themselves, and we’d like to see improvements in the future.”

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Locally, two Lower Providence residents have been victim’s of the incident.

“I can’t even remember which night, but we did go to P.F. Chang’s on a date night,” said one man who asked us to remove his name to further protect his already stolen information. “I tried to use my card to pick up medications at CVS, and they told me it was declined. I’d just use it get gas a few hours earlier, but then it wouldn’t work.”

After reaching out to his credit card company, Capital One, he discovered the card was locked due to the credit breach.

“They could not confirm that it was Chang’s, but they are looking into it,” said the Lower Providence man. “They say they’ll get back to me. If it was somewhere local, I’d like to stop using my card there.”

The man was asked by Capital One to thoroughly review his next credit card statement to ensure all charges were made by him, and not someone that stole the card’s information. The company over-night mailed him a replacement card with new digits to ensure no further breach would occur.

In the meantime, others that dined at Collegeville, in addition to a Glenn Mills and Princeton location, may become the victim’s of credit or identity theft.

Officials recommend that anyone that dined since mid-June should ask for a free copy of a credit report, in addition to checking credit and debit card statements thoroughly for fraud.

According to KYW, the restaurant has taken steps to stop the breach.

“Chang’s is asking credit bureaus to place alerts on cards,” said the report.

For the full report on all 33 area locations that were compromised, visit the KYW 1060 report here.