If Pennsylvania was about to get its report card on Energy Efficiency, the entire Commonwealth might be grounded by its parents. According to WalletHub.com, a recent report graded each of the 48 continental states to determine how energy is used, and Pennsylvania was given less than acceptable marks.

“The average American household spends more than $2,200 a year on energy bills,” said the site’s study. “Almost half of [the bills] goes to heating and cooling expenses.”

Out of the 48 states ranked, the Keystone State came up number 39.

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Scores were an average of two main studies:

1.     Home-related energy efficiency

2.     Care-related energy efficiency

While PA brought home a 25th rank in homes, it was 42 of 48 in car-related energies. Overall, it set the state in the bottom ranking among the nation.

So what can home- and car-owners in Lower Providence Township do to improve the score? Not to mention save some bucks? Thankfully, the local energy provider PECO has several tips on its website.

According to the PECO Energy Saving Guide, some cuts most homeowners can make include:

·      Microwave more! The “wave” uses 2/3rds the energy of a stove

·      Use the dishwasher: less water is used versus doing by hand

·      Keep the fridge full: less space means less work

·      Adjust the thermostat: 78 in summer and 65 in winter (or 85/58 if away)

·      Wash clothes in cold water

·      Dry clothes on the line

·      Clean your dryer lint trap each cycle

·      Turn off/unplug unused electronics and appliances

·      Replace filters on air conditioning

Still needing ways to save? The PECO Exelon Company also hosts an online store via its website. By being a PECO customer, shoppers can save 20 percent by entering the code “PECO20,” giving the discount at checkout.

From energy-saving  power strips, to covers for your dryer vent, there are a number of unique products that can continue to give both your wallet and your electrical meter a break.

What has the Township done to lead the way for its residents? Plenty. Lower Providence has performed the following initiatives to help the area go green:

·      Programmable thermostats at the township building

·      Replaced inefficient fixtures

·      Two flexible fuel vehicles added

·      Use of a $200,000 DEP grant to study solar

·      Retrofit storm water basins in the township

·      Offer weekly recycling with J.P. Mascaro and Sons

·      E-Newsletters replaced many hard copies

·      Switched out bottled water coolers to source-filtered water

·      Converting to all energy-star electronics

For more ideas on how to “go green,” and save energy, visit the story here on the Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protections {DEP) efforts to educate the public.