Many remember to rush out for the milk and bread. Some even have their shovels, snow blowers and plows at the ready. If you could find them at local stores, you may even have bought a generator or rock salt to prepare yourself for the snow and ice.

As the region prepares for Winter Storm Pax, the residents of Lower Providence are reminded that their four-legged friends should not be left out in the cold … literally.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) said that indoors is best for animals come the frigid temperatures.

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“The best way to keep your pets safe and happy is to keep them with you,” said the HSUS website. The site offered up tips for pet owners during winter storms. Tips include:


·      Protect paws from salt, which irritates pads

·      Avoid antifreeze poisoning by wiping any spills

·      Give pets plenty of drinking water

·      Keep pets warm and dry, preferably inside


The site released a video of special tips for winter weather and your pets. You can view that video here:




The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team recommends that pet owners prepare for a storm as they would for themselves and their human family members.

“Sound animal disaster preparedness planning should encompass:


·      One week’s emergency rations and water

·      Identification tags

·      Pet first aid kit

·      Current photos of your animals (filed with important papers)

PSART also advised pet owners to consider finding a few pet-friendly locations in the event that they’d have to move to a hotel. With the potential for a loss of power, it is good to know in advance which hotels would allow your furrier friends.

To download the entire PSART Pet  Preparedness Guidelines for Pets guide, click the link here.

If your pet experiences an emergency, Trooper Veterinary Hospital accepts animals during its open office hours, which are available on its website. If an emergency occurs after hours, the Metropolitan Veterinary Emergency Services is located at 2626 Van Buren Ave., in the Valley Forge Corporate Center, “just off Trooper Road between Route 422 and Egypt Road.” You can reach the office at MVES at 610-666-1050.

If a pet is poisoned, call the Pet Poison hotline at 800-213-6680. For more resources on animal safety and links to helpful websites, visit the Trooper Vet’s resource page here.