Tonight marks the last night that area residents, parents and sports enthusiasts can share opinions on the turf and lights project as it appears before the board in a Conditional Use Hearing at Worcester Township. For many years, the project at the Methacton High School has aimed to add lights to its athletic fields to promote safety and make the space more comparable to other districts’ facilities.

In attempts to pool support for the project, several area organizations are encouraging members to attend the meeting to voice support. Both the Pop Warner Methacton Warriors Youth Association and the Audubon Recreation Association have sent emails to its participants, coaches and players seeking participation in the hearings.

“In recent weeks ARA and other community programs have been the beneficiaries of a concerted effort by the Methacton School District’s Admin[istration] Team under the leadership of Dr. Zerbe to connect and partner with community organizations like ARA,” read a letter emailed to ARA parents. “In fact, our organization has more direct communication with senior district administrators in the last two months than the previous 10 combined. These efforts to partner with community organizations like ARA are greatly appreciated and are paving the way for the district and the community to work together on multiple fronts in a mutually beneficial way.”

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Due to the recent connections, the league aims to assist the district by asking its parents to attend tonight’s meeting.

“The district also needs our help. As many of you know, the final conditional use hearing for the lighting portion of the school district’s field improvement and upgrade project is tonight … Please make an effort to attend – even for part of the hearing - which will continue for several hours - in support of this project which will be of tremendous value to student athletes and community organizations for decades to come.”

Recently appointed school board member Gregory J. Pellicano was formerly the president of the ARA, and a possible connecting point for the league and district. Additionally, the Warriors, who recently had their own lights installed in Lower Providence Township, also requested families to back the high school’s lights project.

“To all of our Methacton Warriors ­-- players, families, alumni, neighbors & friends --

We are asking for a HUGE show of support at the Worcester Township meeting tonight,” said an email to Warrior parents. “This is suppose to be the last conditional use meeting. We have the approval for the land development (field work) but these conditional use meetings are specifically about the field lighting.”

The Pop Warner associated league asked its parents too to attend the hearing to show support for the lights.

“Our hope is that showing a presence in large numbers could be very impactful to the board that is voting. Their vote impacts ALL of our children, (current and future students) and not just Worcester families. This is a plea for support for everyone that can attend, not just Worcester residents.”

Both emails came on the heels of the district sending both alerts via email to parents and a cardstock mailer send to residents of both townships via U.S. Mail.

The hearing will be held at 7 p.m. at the Worcester Township Community Hall, located at 1031 Valley Forge Road, tonight, Thursday, Sept. 11.