If only the real thing were as simple as the board game of “LIFE.” Children spin a number, pick a career and off they go, pinning small pink and blue pegs into their plastic car.

Unfortunately, the real thing isn’t quite like that. Instead, children need to work quite hard to obtain a solid education, select an industry and have robust resumes in order to land that dream job. Today, the faculty and staff, along with the surrounding community, worked to drive that lesson home to all students at Skyview Upper Elementary School with Career Day.

“We have a variety of presenters,” said Skyview Principal Melissa E. Gorla. “From those that own their own business to traditional careers, nontraditional, we have a lot of different industries represented.”

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Organized by School Guidance Counselor Beth VanBuren, the day was aimed at getting the fifth and sixth grade students to start thinking about the future.

“We have everyday jobs, like a nurse, to entertainers like a DJ Elvis impersonator,” said VanBuren. “There are police, engineers, HR, PR, physical therapy.”

Many representatives from the Lower Providence Township community also go in on the fun.

“We have Police Chief Bud Carroll, representatives from the parks and recreation, from the library,” said VanBuren.

The event was kicked-off with keynote speaker and former Philadelphia Flyer Bob “The Hound” Kelly. With 12 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL), the star player now serves as the “Hockey Ambassador” for the Flyers. With 10 years alone in Philadelphia the Canadian, whose winning goal won the Flyers the second consecutive Stanley Cup in 1975, had much to tell the young students.

“You will get a great education here,” said Kelly. “You’ve got to put the effort into it, and keep up the good work.”

Kelly told the children that, though he only went to school through 12th grade, he worked hard as a hockey player, but wasn’t just set for life. He had to form his own business after his sports career and worked 20 years on his own before returning to the sport as an ambassador.

Kelly would be joined later in the day by presenters including current Philadelphia Eagle Jon Dorenbos and former Phillies player Tommy Greene as speakers the children visited during the third annual Career Day.

“The goal of the day is for the fifth and sixth graders to raise the career awareness, to have an opportunity to learn different trades and the careers within them,” said VanBuren. From bankers to chefs, realtors, to financers, there were a large variety of positions represented.

“We wanted to give a good cross-range,” said VanBuren. “All start at the keynote speaker, then they will have six sessions.”

Classrooms were filled in order for the students to hear multiple speakers within the same day. Some also set up in the gym at Skyview, allowing access for the Methacton-fed Northern Montco Technical Career Center, Universal Technical Institute and the Methacton Community Theater.

For more on Kelly’s speech, visit the video below or scroll through the event’s photos.