Did you know that for the past 40 years, a leading provider of flashlights is located right in our backyard? Streamlight, Inc., based in Eagleville, has been in business since 1973. But its age wasn’t what was noted in recent releases. The business was instead recognized for its efforts to “be green.”

In the company’s fourth quarter alone in 2013, it recycled 3,500 pounds of rechargeable batteries. For the year, the company was able to avoid putting over 10,000 pounds of batteries into a landfill.

The Eagleville headquarters sent the remaining nickel cadmium, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride and small sealed lead acid batteries all to a recycling facility.

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“The company and its distributors are partners with Call2Recycle, the only free rechargeable battery recycling program in North America,” said a recent release from Streamlight. “The program helps businesses care for the environment through its rechargeable battery collection program.”

Company executives said they are pleased to have the help in going green.

“We’re proud to do our part in ‘going green,’” said Streamlight president and CEO Ray Sharrah. “In 2013, Streamlight and its participating dealers continued to join thousands of US businesses in serving as a battery collection site in a collective effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our communities.”

State Senator John Rafferty (R-44) agreed that the facility has made great strides for the local community.

“The company uses cutting-edge technology to develop and manufacture illumination for many uses, including law enforcement, emergency response and the U.S. military,” said Rafferty in his winter newsletter.

With over 250 employees, it remains a strong business for the area.

“The company is proof that manufacturing is still alive and strong in Pennsylvania, creating jobs and promoting economic development in our area,” said Rafferty.

According to Call2Recycle, since 1996, the organization has assisted businesses to recycle over 85 million pounds of batteries.

“Various federal and state regulations govern the proper disposal of rechargeable batteries and cell phones, naming Call2Recycle in official legislation as the collection method for eco-safe rechargeable battery and cell phone reclamation and recycling,” said the Streamlight release.

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