Maybe you heard about us from a friend. Maybe you saw us on Facebook. Perhaps you’ve seen us at township or school board meetings. Whatever brought you to us, we’re happy you came.

But what is this LP TAP business? Why are we here and what are we doing? Street Fight Magazine recently took a deeper look into The Alternative Press (TAP) franchise, and why its owners are doing what they’re doing: committing themselves to bringing the local news, happenings and events to unique communities. Street Fight sat down with TAP owner and CEO Mike Shapiro to understand more.

Here a look at some of that interview:

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Lower Providence is steeped in 300 years of American history, but it has also been part of the postwar explosion of suburbia. How will your new TAP site balance the township’s past, present and future?
Here’s Melissa on how she’ll do that: “Lower Providence TAP is about keeping everyone informed. The community deserves more in-depth coverage, and we aim to get to all of it, from the township’s deep history to breaking daily news. Living in the township, raising my own children in this district, I know what matters and intend on keeping our town informed.”

Additionally, Melissa’s husband, James, is selling advertising for the Lower Providence site. That’s part of the beauty of our franchise model — independently owned and operated franchises headed by knowledgeable local residents invested in their communities.



But isn’t LP TAP the same as that “Patch” thing? Well, sort of, but not really. The only similarity these days is really the staff. Former regional editor Melissa Treacy is now the owner and operator of Treacy Media Holdings, which is the parent company for both Lower Providence and North Penn TAP sites. Want to know more:


Patch is big in suburban Philly. Is there room for both TAP and Patch in Lower Providence?
The more hyperlocal sites, the better — as the residents will be better informed about their community.

Here’s Melissa with more: “With massive layoffs in the recent months, Patch has greatly decreased its local coverage and gone to a regional, statewide and even national coverage model with its stories. Lower Providence TAP will make sure the residents of my community still have a source for very local news that truly impacts their daily lives.”


To read the full Street Fight story, click here. For more on what LP TAP is, click this story previously published to discuss its purpose in LP, and here where you can understand how to stay informed!