Many in Lower Providence Township were thankful to see higher temperatures, even if temporary, in the week’s weather forecast. With days slated to reach into the 50s, most are just thankful to see the snow begin to melt.

However, with higher temperatures and melting ice mounds comes more water. Rain, saturated grounds and clogged drains can really mean problems for flooding in the area.

Though many may realize it is coming, it is hard to know just how to prepare for such an influx of water. Nationwide Insurance, located at 3245 Ridge Pike in Eagleville, suggested preparing your property for the incoming gush.

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“To help reduce [flood] damage:

·      Install backflow valves or standpipes to prevent sewer lines from backing up.

·      Elevate your washer, dryer, water heater, oil tank, furnace and electrical wiring on concrete blocks. If you're unable to raise an item, anchor it and protect it with a floodwall or shield.

·      Install a sump pump system if you have below-grade floors.

·      Landscape with plants and vegetation that resist soil erosion.

·      Consider storing irreplaceable family items and important documents somewhere other than the basement.

·      Install a flood-detection device that sounds an alarm or calls your phone if it senses water – typically, in your basement,” said the site.

The steps can be done to prevent a water problem. Area residents can also prepare for flooding by being sure their homes are covered with insurance. Though much of the township lies in a “federal preferred” flood plain, meaning it seldom floods greatly, it is still wise to have additional coverage on your home.

Homeowners’ insurance does not often cover a failed sump pump or backed up drainage line. Consult with your current insurer or speak with Nationwide’s Gary Sherman in Eagleville at 610-539-1000 to find out more.

If you already are experiencing some water trouble, a local company like Basement Waterproofing Specialists, located on Second Avenue in Collegeville, might be more the help you need.

At BWS, experts can assist homeowners by finding the source of any in-home and basement flooding.

“We would come into the home, look at the problem, assess what is happening there, make a suggestion on how to remedy the situation,” said John Cappelli, production manager at BWS.

Because there are multiple reasons for water coming into the home, BWS employs several solutions for solving the problem.

“We have varying ways to remedy the problem,” said Cappelli.

He said that solutions can be done outside of home or inside of home, and can also include needs like foundation repairs and crack repairs.

“Most of what we do is called a Hydrostatic Pressure Release System,” he said. “This is a perimeter drain system done on the inside of the house, carved out and then water is pumped up with sump pump. It is like a management system, managing the water that comes in and pumping it out.”

Other solutions BWS offer include mold remediation and deeper barriers in crawl spaces.

“We can help keep the smell, moisture level down,” said Cappelli. As the ice and snow melts, you can find assistance with many local businesses.

For more on BWS, visit the website here or call 610-409-2600.

“We offer free in-home inspections, just call to make an appointment,” said Cappelli. “We’ve been here for many years, and we aren’t going anywhere.”