When it comes to home remodeling, this mother gets the job done. In recent breaks in employment, I’ve found plenty to do inside my own four walls. The result has been some amazing new rooms for our home. The downfall? It always seems to snowball.

As we install a new washer and dryer today, and await the window installer to bring our brand new bay, it reminded me how these things seem to gain momentum as they go.

I start with a simple home project, and a few days later, I’m tearing down decades-old curtains in an entirely different room.

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The effect made me think of a popular children’s book my kids love to hear. “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” is a house favorite. And, for our readers on this fine Friday, I give you may new rendition … “When You Give a Mom Some Paint.” I hope you enjoy!


When You Give Mom Some Paint


If you give a mom some paint,

She’ll probably decorate a wall.

She’ll probably want

some new light fixtures to go with it.


When she sees the new light fixtures,

She’ll remember she wants a new switch cover,

And when she buys that cover,

She’ll realize it doesn’t match the trashcan.


She’ll buy a new trashcan,

but then she’ll figure she might as well

have the toilet brush that goes with it.

She’ll buy the set.


When she changes all the staging,

She’ll realize she needs new curtains.

And if one changes the curtains,

One might as well buy a new shower curtain, too.


With the new curtain in place

And a new color on the walls,

Mom will realize the rugs just don’t go.

She’ll ask for new rugs.


Once the rugs have been swapped for new,

She’ll see that the vanity is out of date.

She will run back to Home Depot

And grab a new one.


A few wrench twists later,

With a new sink in its spot,

Mom will realize that the toilet just doesn’t go.

Back to the store she’ll run.


When a new throne has been placed,

She’ll realize the shower needs an overhaul.

Some tile paint, acrylic walls and fixtures

Do the trick nicely.


Mom will stand back from her remodeled bathroom

Take a deep breath and glow,

At the amazing work she’s done

For about a minute or so…


Then she’ll realize, the hall needs some paint.

And when you give a mom some paint,

She might need an entire remodel to go with it.