It's anybody's guess what the Philadelphia 76ers will do in the NBA Draft.

The team, everyone thought, was in great position, holding the cards with the No. 3 pick, the No. 10 selection and five second-round selection, is still weighing its options.

General Manager Sam Hinkie has put the team in a solid position for the future. He holds the cards and has the chips. But can he cash them in for the team?

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The recent foot injury -- topped with back issues -- to top draft prospect Joel Embid puts everything in limbo now.
Embid was thought to go to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who will probably throw the kitchen sink to try and lure LeBron James back to his native city now that the superstar has opted out of his contact with the Miami Heat.
So the Sixers hoped that either Jamari Parker or especially Kansas star Andrew Wiggins would become the franchise player the Sixers so desperately need.

But now, who knows.

The Sixers are even rumored to be dangling Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams as potential bait to either sweeten the pot for Wiggins or to draw another high lottery pick.

And blue collar forward Thadeus Young is also on the trading block.

So what will Hinkie do? Will he basically blow up 2013 by getting rid of two more key pieces in MCW and Young like he did by trading Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes?

Hinkie was bold last year when he traded All-Star Jrue Holiday on draft day and drafted MCW. He also grabbed the New Orleans Pelicans' top pick for this year.

Those are some shrewd moves and it shows that Hinkie is thinking out of the box. But no fan wants to see the ownership and management make the same mistakes that led the Sixers to trade its No. 1 pick and Moses Malone on draft day years ago. Those trades still haunt the franchise.

It doesn't make sense to trade a rookie of the year who got the fan base going. MCW should be a key piece to the puzzle along with Nerlens Noel and whatever draft picks the Sixers are able to land in the Top 10.

Here's hoping the team finds a way to get Wiggins. The future could be so bright for the Sixers. We will find out if that's the case very soon.