If you were in the vicinity of Woodland Elementary School today, you may have seen a long trail of green-shirted kids, trekking along the sidewalks around the neighborhood. Today marked the school’s annual Walk-a-Thon.

The school hosted two sessions for its students in order to raise money for its Home and School Association. Morning Kindergarteners, along with first and second graders, walked at 9:30 a.m. A second session at 1:30 p.m. was held for afternoon Kindergarteners, third- and fourth-grade students. The afternoon session was forced into a half outside, half in, due to weather concerns. Luckily, the walkers only got slightly sprinkled on as they looped around the school grounds.

Prior to the walk, students raised funds via sponsors. For walking the trail today, they asked friends and family to donate to the school’s funds. Students sent home letters, along with stamped envelopes, to ask their families for donations. The task allowed them to both raise funds and work on letter writing.

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The Woodland Home and School Association operates exclusively through parent volunteers. Funds raised through the organization’s efforts goes toward student field trips, educational assemblies and school supplies for the start of the year.

Woodland is one of five elementary schools in the Methacton School District, serving kindergarten through fourth grade students in and around Woodland Avenue in Eagleville.

For more on the school’s Home and School Association, like the group’s Facebook page here.