MADISON, NJ - Dr. Allison Adams of the Integrative Dental Center at Adams Dental, hosted The Wellness Network Forum, Feb. 22 at the Park Avenue Club on Park Ave in Florham Park for a group of health professionals from different specialties that came together to discuss interdisciplinary approaches to patient wellness.

The keynote speakers included Dr. Barry Raphael, an orthodontist, Dr. Mark Morris, an osteopath, and Elaine Hardy, a nurse practitioner. The primary topic of discussion was airway dysfunction and treatment approaches used by practitioners in various specialties. 

"We believe that if we work collaboratively, we can discover improved solutions to treat the root cause of our patients' airway problems," said Adams.  "This forum has been a dream of mine.  It is important that we understand that all areas of health are interconnected."

The goal of this meeting was to share ideas, open up a dialogue, and network with colleagues "to truly impact the health of our patients," Adams said.  "We have learned that a team approach to care creates profound change. No single specialty has all the answers."