A very familiar question I get is what do we need to do to get our home ready to put on the market? 

We are thinking of selling next year, but have sooo much to do to get the house ready. The thought of moving after what may have been decades in the same home is not something that most like to contemplate. Aside from the emotional attachment, there is the fact that it can be overwhelming. After all, there are so many things that need to get cleared out, or put in storage.   I have composed a list of things to do now and would encourage you to go to my website for a more detailed explanation of each category (www.spelker.com). 

1)  Declutter-Nothing makes a room appear larger than less things in it. That collection of ceramic Dalmatians from grandma needs to get boxed up and stored. Less is more. Bookshelves should not be overflowing. A few pics of the family around the house is fine.  Tons of pics in every room, not so much. Potential buyers need to see themselves in your home. 

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Advice: start with the smallest or easiest room- you will be less overwhelmed and will have a feeling of accomplishment when it is finished, which will motivate you to keep going.  Pick one room per month to declutter. Who knows, you may tackle more than that, but one room a month is less overwhelming. 

2) Interior Painting- I'm a huge fan of magic erase bars. They remove smudges etc saving you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary painting bills. When that isn't enough, it's time to paint!  This is perhaps the best bang for the buck you can do. I have seen houses transformed by paint color choices. Hint: the hottest interior colors are all grays. Edgecombe gray by Benjamin Moore is a good choice. 

3) Hardwood  floors- if you have them, show them off!  Consider  having them refinished and  stained dark. (Figure on 4 dollars a square foot) If there are no hardwood floors but carpet instead, either shampoo the carpet, or replace it with a neutral color. 

4) Kitchen- declutter. There's that word again. When the house goes on the market you will want to have the countertops practically cleared of everything. Imagine how a monk would live, then start the decluttering process. If the cabinets are old and dark, or natural wood, think seriously about having them sprayed white and put some trendy new hardware on the doors. (Moe's in Morristown is a great place to start for the hardware and I can provide cabinet painting people)  Figure on roughly 80 dollars per door or drawer to have them painted. The doors are removed and taken off premise. This is money well spent ! It can make a kitchen look brand new. (Hint: white is the popular color at the moment)

5) Exterior- everyone wants to list their home in May when the exterior looks its best. Unfortunately buyers are out in early February. What to do?

Advice:  Take a lot of pictures of your yard in the spring and fall in the year BEFORE you list it while it looks its best. Shoot the Front yard,backyard, patio, everything! 

Cluster groupings of daffodil bulbs in the early fall. They come up first and the deer don't eat them. They won't be much help for our pictures, but the color enhances the look of the home in March. 

I could list a bunch more things, but that's enough. These are the biggies. And if you decide not to sell your house, sit back and enjoy your newly painted walls, refinished floors, new looking kitchen, and decluttered rooms. Hey I think I just put myself out of business. 

For greater detail: Go to my website www.spelker.com or CALL me. 201 400 1592.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  A good real estate agent sells your home. A great real estate agent provides value and superior service. That is how I am building my business. One name at a time. Thanks for reading.