MADISON, NJ - At a recent sales training seminar attended by the Cramers Carpet One Sales Team, here's some questions we needed to ask ourselves about being a top '10' salesperson.  Are these your underlying traits and characteristics in your business?  

1.  Do you develop relationships based upon trust?

2.  Do you listen and show empathy?

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3.  Are you capable of adapting?

4.  Are you committed to continuous learning and improvement?

5.  Are you detail oriented and organized through the entire sales process?

6.  Can you balance modesty with passion and drive in order to close sales?

7.  Do you have superior product knowledge and competitive product knowledge as well?

8.  Can you uncover wants and needs through interviewing skills?

9.  Do you sell the best products, not the cheapest?

10. Are you proactive in finding new sales opportunities?

How did you do?  Did you answer 'yes' to everything?  Something to think about.