Former New York Times editor Katherine Bouton, and author of Shouting Won’t Help, Why I –and 50 Million Other Americans – Can’t Hear You, will be the featured speaker at a meeting of the Hearing Loss Association of American – Morris County Chapter meeting on March 8.  All interested public is invited to hear her talk about the challenges of hearing loss, from 10 a.m. to noon, at the Madison Area YMCA.  As at all chapter meetings, open captioning, as well as assistive listening devices will make this presentation accessible to all, including the many who struggle to hear.

In her book published in 2013, Ms. Bouton describes the difficulties, both practical and psychological, of coping with unexpected hearing loss, the “invisible” disability.  Her journey, from denial and hiding her loss, which resulted in losing her prestigious job, leads to self-acceptance and sharing her learning experience through her book. She includes research in the current medical understanding of hearing loss, and explains the latest technology and other resources available to help the hearing impaired lead fulfilling lives. Ms. Bouton’s insights and research are informative not only for people of all ages who struggle with hearing loss -- a population larger than realized—but also for everyone else who live or work with them.

There will be copies of Ms. Bouton’s book, Shouting Won’t Help, available for purchase and signing.

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Ms. Bouton is now an advocate for people with hearing loss. She serves on the board of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), which reaches people with hearing loss through a network of state organizations. The Morris County Chapter, which meets five times a year in Madison, is one of five chapters supported by the state association (HLAA-NJ).  HLAA-NJ is currently offering scholarships for 2014 high school graduates with hearing loss. Applications, due May 1, can be found on the HLAA-NJ website:

For more information about the activities and programs of the Morris County Chapter of HLAA-NJ, visit or please call Pat Dobbs at  973-479-8083 or email