In a prepared announcement, candidates for Borough Council Astri Baillie and Ben Wolkowitz remind all Madison voters to vote on November 6.  The candidates stated: “We encourage all citizens – Democrat, Republican, and Independent – to make their voices heard on Election Day by exercising their right and obligation to vote.  This is an important election, both for the nation and for Madison.

As long-time Madison residents, we care very much for this wonderful town with its great people, its strong sense of community and its terrific amenities.   Borough officials, employees, and volunteers have traditionally all worked together for the greater good, and this has helped to make Madison the great place it is today.  It wasn’t party affiliation that mattered; Madison mattered.

Sadly, we have observed a decline in the level of cooperation in our borough government over the past several years.  Consensus building and bipartisanship have been displaced by conflict and an arrogant lack of respect for the concerns and opinion of others.   We all saw this come to a terrible climax last February with the attempted firing of our fine borough administrator.

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This is why we are running for Borough Council.  Our goal is to achieve change by bringing back bipartisan government. Madison needs a capable team of elected officials with open meetings, transparent decision-making, and a respect for all our citizens. There should never be even the appearance that decisions are made behind closed doors.

As a team, we will bring a solid record of success in business and government to the Council, and we will work together with our colleagues and the community to deliver dependable services in a fiscally responsible manner.   It is our belief that empty promises are no substitute for honest and effective leadership.”