MADISON, NJ - Beloved Madison junior school principal resigns this week.  See the letter sent to parents:

"Dr. Rossi, Mr. Mingle, Members of the Madison Board of Education: It is with mixed emotions that I am resigning my position as Principal of the Madison Junior School.

For close to ten years, I have had the honor of serving the students, faculty and parents of MJS. It is now time for me to take everything that I have learned and bring it to the KIPP Charter Schools in Newark, in order to help all children receive the same quality of education that students in Madison receive.

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I am also hoping to be elected to my own Board of Education this evening and hope to serve with as much dedication and passion as I have seen from all of you. In some ways this has been an incredibly difficult decision, in others this was the easiest. I feel as if I am leaving the most incredible school with the most talented faculty I am likely to ever see and yet, I know that everything is in place for continued success. I was 29 years old when you originally hired me, and so in many ways I feel as if I have spent my entire adulthood at MJS and for that I am incredibly grateful. I am hoping that this move will be fulfilling professionally while bringing some much-needed balance to my family.

Please know that I am thankful for all of your support and will continue to lead MJS with full commitment until my final day at the school. I hope to work out a transition plan with Dr. Rossi that will ensure success for the next Principal of MJS. My plan is to work through the December break and transition on January 4th."  Nicole Sherrin Kessler Principal Madison Junior School.