My name is William T. Jasinski, affectionately known as "Billy" by all the staff and customers of Cramers Carpet One Floor and Home.  I began my career as a Flooring Mechanic almost twenty years ago, being recruited and trained by Brad Cramer himself, shortly after my stint of government service.  Brad often jokes that he trained me too well because I left him for fifteen years.  But, I returned to Cramers many years ago, and my current position is Operations Manager for CC1 and Magnus Anderson Master Floor Refinishers.  I also handle any operations for BPC Enterprises.  

I attended the "Bikers for Brooke" event on Saturday, June 22, for a variety of reasons.  I am a compassionate person.  I like Madison, and I like working for Cramers.  I enjoy being involved in this community and giving back where and when I can.  This wonderful event was well organizaed and also showed that Bikers know how to give.  Far too often anyone seen on a motorcycle gets looked down upon which is a crying shame.  It's been my experience that Bikers are one of the most generous and caring groups of people out there.  When the opportunity arises, I hop on my big two wheeler and join in.

Today, a good time was had by all and the money raised went to a great cause in little Brooke Healey and her family.  It was a terrific event and a really great day with the Cramers.