MADISON, NJ - Bronco’s Gym, located at 29 Main Street, has been standing strong and building healthy bodies for over 20 years.  

Gym director, Charlene Circele, and owner Michael Bronco founded Bronco’s Gym 23 years ago, in 1992.

“I have a business partner who started off as my trainer so was actually his business first. He was doing it by himself and at some point during my training I got really interested and I asked “can I work for you?” and he said okay,” Circele said. "Michael started training me to be a trainer, we started working together, and I got certified.”

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Circele and Bronco started off working freelance out of gyms before they decided it was time to open their own.

“I had the business experience I just didn’t have exercising experience back then,” Circele said.

What motivated them to open their own gym was the restrictions of the gyms they worked out of.

“When you work in a gym you’re sort of restricted by their rules. They were very restrictive of what kind of workouts you could do with people and we just wanted a little more freedom and opportunity to train people in a way we thought would be more effective and more fun,” Circele said.

Circele says the gyms biggest accomplishment is the fact they’ve been in business so long.

“A lot of personal trainers and personal training studios don’t last that long. Believe it or not most of our clients have been with us if not the whole time, pretty long. I have one client that’s been with me at least 20 years,” Circele said. “We give them good workouts. We try to make it interesting, fun, not boring, and effective for them.”

Circele and Bronco started off in a smaller place and were there for a year until they moved to their current location.

Circele believes the hardest part about being a personal trainer is maintaining customer relations and making sure you’re always giving the clients what they need and want, and getting good employees and keeping them happy.

“In this business you sort of have to have a feel of what they feel each day. I think always being in tune with your clients and knowing what they need that’s one part, Circele said. “It can be challenging because you’re dealing with a lot of personalities, and you’re dealing with them in an intimate way, Circele said.

Circele believes what sets Bronco’s apart from other gyms is they’re good.

“If you’re a good trainer you can train anybody. I’ve trained from football players to high school kids, Circele said. 

Bronco’s gym is unique from other personal training gyms as they’re more intimate and family- like.

“We wanted it be friendly but we also wanted it to be little hardcore without losing a welcoming feeling. It looks a little intimidating at first but it’s always welcoming. Whatever you need to do we can tackle with you. It may look a little sparse compared to other gyms but we can get it done,” Circele said.

Personal training may look glamourous to outsiders looking in, but it’s a very demanding job and business.

“I think personal trainers sometimes go into it for the wrong reason. You have to have a level of intelligence to be a good trainer, emotional intelligence and knowledge intelligence. It takes more than people think, Circele said.

Bronco’s Gym philosophy is simplicity.

“We just want to make sure people workout and they get good workouts that are good for them. We don’t need to be fancy. We just want to keep doing what we’re doing and make sure people workout,” Circele said.

Bronco and Circele chose Madison to open their business as they were both familiar with the area.

“My business partner grew up here, his whole family’s here, I was living in Chatham, so it was the natural progression," Circele said.

Even though Bronco’s is a small town gym they “keep up on all the newest technology and the newest thoughts about exercise and personal training,” Circele said.

Broncos gym is a full service personal training facility.   Workouts are by appointment. "We are really excited to offer gift certificates.  It's the perfect holiday gift for someone who is looking at getting in shape in the new year or just wants to mix things up a bit."

To get more information on Broncos Gym visit or call for information and a tour 973-377-3053.