Councilman Rob Catalanello and Board of Education Vice President Pat Rowe are launching their fall campaign for the two council seats on the November ballot.  They expect to run a vigorous campaign dedicated to maintaining the services and quality of life for all members of the community, as well as bringing forth strategic, innovative and fiscally prudent solutions to make Madison more attractive and affordable for all our families.

Catalanello and Rowe stated, “We are at a critical point in the future of Madison.  We will have many positive financial opportunities the next three years, but council needs to do solid strategic planning so the opportunities are not lost.  We have the skills and experience in both the private sector, and from our respective years on the council and board of education, to make that happen.”

Catalanello noted, “In my first term, I did my best to refocus the council on the dire state of our infrastructure.  Our roads, sewers, electric utility, athletic fields, and our human capitol were in need of enhancement, repair and investment.  I was able to address many of these issues, including:

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“Keeping taxes increases low.”

“Serving as Finance liaison in 2012 and actively engaging the ratings agency in the crafting of the budget, thereby ensuring the protection of our credit rating.

“Voting for the award-winning Turf Field Project at the Madison Recreation Complex, which added two desperately needed, lit all-weather fields to the borough’s overused active recreation properties;

“Helping to lead the Madison Athletic Foundation fundraising effort for the award-winning Turf Field Project;

“Reinstituting the Construction Review Committee to coordinate construction activity in the borough and save money by insourcing work whenever possible;

“Championing infrastructure repair by leading the effort to prioritize and fund projects for our sewer system and sewer pump stations, as well as the repair of many long neglected roads;

“Working with the Library to identify and prioritize facility upgrades and funding without adding to long term debt;

“Proposing the Water Line Protection Plan, which offers a service to residents while at the same time creating a voluntary revenue stream for the borough; and

“Lead the effort to create the Madison Community Gardens at the 49 acre site;

Mr. Rowe, noting his nine and a half years of service on the board of education, added, “During my tenure we have seen many positive changes for the school district, including:

“Continued improvement in the quality of education that is delivered to the children of Madison;

“Completing the referendum work, which saw major additions and renovations at all five school buildings.  This work was performed on time and under budget;

“Completing the Strategic Planning process to address the long term needs of the school system;

“Advancing the disposition of the Green Village Road School property, which should be accomplished by the end of this year , that will provide needed capital funds for the district, a $1,000,00 contribution to the Madison Recreation Complex, and long term revenue streams for the borough and board; and

“Building a closer working relationship between the board of education and the borough through the joint BOE/Borough Shared Services Committee, which I chaired for three years.  Key initiatives addressed included the sale of GVR and the development of the Madison Recreation Center.”

Catalanello and Rowe noted that the key issues they plan to address if elected, include:

“A multiyear strategic financial plan based on additional revenue from the new electric contracts and GVR;

“Increased financial transparency for the Electric and Water Utilities, requiring the borough owned utilities to provide audited financial statements, as any publically owned utility would have to, at least once a year;

“Conducting an in-depth public review of borough property tax policy and the reliance on Utility   surpluses to fund the borough;

“Revisiting the Open Space tax, which was raised this year by 50%;

“Developing a rigorous recreation fields master plan with the BOE;

“Continued focus on infrastructure repair, especially the borough’s aging water and sewer lines;

“Closer ties with the BOE, neighboring towns and county to enhance shared services opportunities;

“Proper staffing of the DPW and police department to prepare for upcoming retirements;

“Construction of biodiesel facility to help reduce fuel costs for borough vehicles; and

“Increasing ratables by leveraging relationships with the county and state to attract new businesses to Madison.”

“We look forward to meeting and speaking with Madison voters between now and Election Day – November 5. Capitalizing on our business background and many years of civic experience, we also look forward to bringing strategic, innovative and fiscally prudent solutions to make Madison more attractive and affordable for all our families.”

“Please feel free to reach out to us at or  if you have any questions or comments about our campaign..  You can also follow us on Facebook, or via our campaign website -”