MADISON, NJ - Central Avenue School's Principal, Thomas Liss, was duct taped to one of the school's walls this afternoon by the second grade after students, teachers and their families raised over $5,000 in a school coin drive.
Earlier this month, a fund-drive was held to earn money to construct a school learning garden on the grounds of Central Avenue School (CAS) after Marlena Fass, a CAS mom, approached the PTO  with the idea. 

With the entire school communities backing the idea Fass and Heather Allison, PTO Executive Board member, came up with the plan of raising funds through a coin drive.  

As if the school garden wasn't enough of an incentive, Mr. Liss sweetened the deal by offering to be duct-taped to a wall by the grade that brought in the most money. 

It was a tight race until the end but the second graders pulled ahead and won the contest. As well the student that brought in the oldest coin won a gift certificate to Tons of Toys.

Owen Hanley had a coin from 1817 (he was able to keep his coin). 

Today, they, along with their teachers, were able to successfully keep Mr. Liss attached to an outside wall with out anything other than duct tape.

"The mission of the CAS school learning garden is to build, plant and maintain a beautiful working school garden that the CA school community can use as an outdoor classroom, and inspire teachers and students by connecting with the environment, food and health," according to the PTO. 
Teachers and students will be able to use the garden year-round for science, math, art, and other subject  lessons that can be integrated with classroom learning.
Students will also be able to participate in growing their own vegetables from seeds which will help them understand and connect to their food in new ways.
Plans have been made to  provide samples of homegrown organic vegetables to students in the cafeteria and during lessons.
The school has enlisted the help of Stephan Stocker (Madison Community Garden/Sustainable Madison) and Sue Manna (local landscaper) to assist in planning the layout.
"This was a fund drive that every child could participate in, even if was by contributing a few pennies.  Everyone felt part of the Central Avenue School community," said Jen Bauman CAS PTO Co-President.