CHATHAM, NJ – Chatham Superintendent of Schools Michael LaSusa sent out an email Monday night explaining that a Chatham Middle School student made "inappropriate posts to social media" and "referenced a school shooting."

Chatham Police investigated the situation and had determined there was "no active threat to the school." In an act of "reassurance," there will an added police presence at the school on Tuesday. The student in question will not be attending school. Notification phone calls were sent out to alert parents to the email.

The complete remarks from LaSusa are below:

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I am writing to make you aware of a sensitive school matter. Earlier this evening, I was informed by Chatham Police officials that they were involved in an investigation of a Chatham Middle School student. The student had allegedly made a series of inappropriate posts to social media, some of which referenced a school shooting.  

The police have launched a full investigation, are working with the student and his family, and have determined that the student poses no active threat to the school. The student will not presently be attending school and the police have offered to station an officer at the school tomorrow for increased reassurance.

We are all deeply affected by the tragedy in Florida last week, and I recognize that we are all thinking about ways we can make our schools here in Chatham even safer. Our school district and Board of Education will continue to evaluate and make investments in our security practices, but right now I would like to thank the police for acting so swiftly to investigate the matter at hand and I would also like to thank the students who brought the posts to the attention of the police in the first place. Vigilance on the part of students is one critical way to thwart potential problems and all of our students should feel comfortable reporting something they perceive as unusual to the police, school district staff, or their parents.

As this is an active police investigation involving a juvenile student, the school district will not release additional information at the present time, but I reiterate that the police have confirmed that there is no active threat against the school district or any of its students in connection with this investigation.