One of the biggest road blocks to getting your house sold is the inspection. Inspections turn up lots of minor things, but none are more common or expensive than chimney and roofing issues.

Prior to listing your home, it's a good idea to have a roofer come inspect your roof.

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"Yeah Scott, but that costs money." Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Some roofers will give a free estimate, while others will apply it to any necessary repairs.  If there is nothing wrong, great. You will have peace of mind and a piece of paper stating that. (Get that piece of paper) If there is a problem, it was fixed, which also provides piece of mind to your prospective buyers.
Tip: check your ceilings and the inside of your closet ceilings for for water stains. If there are stains it could indicate damaged shingles, flashing, or cracked and damaged phalanges  that wrap the exhaust pipes that come out of the home for venting.


It seems that there are always issues with chimneys. I would suggest you get a reputable company to take a look at yours Prior to putting the house on the market.  

A basic exterior inspection is around 125 dollars. If they use the camera it's more, possibly 250 dollars. Check to see if the inspection money is applied to any work that may have to be done. You may want to also get a second opinion, especially if they tell you that you need thousands of dollars of work. Be proactive- it will save you time and headaches when it comes time for the home inspections. 

"A good realtor sells your home. A great realtor provides value and superior service."