May 11, 2020


Common sense and leadership are essential to pull through a crisis.  In New Jersey, we currently seem to be lacking both when it come to the COVID19 response.

We were told to shelter in place and flatten the curve, so we did.  The curve flattened and is clearly on the downward trajectory.  Good news, right?  Not exactly.  Governor Murphy just extended the State of Emergency for another 30 days.  One has to ask why?  At this point, we are no longer in a state of emergency.  Nobody is doubting the seriousness of the virus or the need to open our businesses in a controlled manner, but we aren’t even discussing that process yet. 

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While the Governor has provided support to our healthcare professionals, he has completely ignored the rest of the businesses in New Jersey.  Apparently, it is safe to shop in a Wal Mart in New Jersey, but not with your local retailers or on Main Street in your town.  You can go to a liquor store and socially distance, but you can’t set attendance limits and socially distance at church.  We can go to a florist, but not a gift shop.  New Jersey residents can shop at a hardware store but not a music store.  Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t understand how one is safer than another.  Someone has to explain how these decisions are being made.

I live in Congressional District 11, so my representation at the Federal Level includes Sen. Menendez, Sen. Booker and Rep. Sherrill.  I haven’t heard much from them.  I did notice that Morris County was left out of stimulus money because we don’t have 500,000 residents (we have 491,845).  Isn’t that something our Senators and Congresswoman should have noticed and fought for us over?

I saw that Governor Murphy’s approval ratings were up recently and I can’t help but wonder how or why?  If you live in Morris County, I can’t imagine that you are happy with your Governor and National Representatives right now.  I know I’m not.



Helena Biase

Chatham, NJ