Death by a Sponge


Did you know the filthiest thing in your kitchen is the sponge?  It carries more bacteria than anything else around, and you should be replacing it two to three times per month.  If you don’t, you should at least put it in a bowl of water and nuke it in the microwave for 45 seconds to steam out the critters.

A recent study indicated that one out of six Americans gets ill from something in their own kitchens.  Germs in the kitchen are a threat to your health not to mention your life given all the reported cases of salmonella and e.coli.  The sink is also a center of complete filth.  Think about what finds a home there depending on the activity.  Shampoo your hair there?  Wash your dirty hands and face there?  Wash the poultry and other foods there?  Does your cat sit on the countertop and lick a thing or two there?  Just imagine all the things that have been in your sink.  Yuck. 

Here’s a tip.  Clean the sink regularly using a shot glass of bleach and ½ quart of water.  It’s a great killer for a great clean-up.  Zap everything from the faucet to the basin to the drain and always wash your counters with a bacterial cleanser.  Your dishwasher is a mess too.  Did you know over 60% of dishwashers have fungus?  It’s the rubber casing that takes a beating.  You can use that very same bleaching cocktail to kill the crud there too!

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Whatever comes from the outside to the inside becomes a banquet of who knows what.  And, ladies, think about where your handbag has been throughout the course of the day.   Do you come home and place it on your countertop?  Well, don’t.

Now, should someone from Cramers Carpet One Floor and Home dare to mention your kitchen floors? How long have you been using the same sponge mop on those?


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