In a joint announcement, Candidates for Borough Council Astri Baillie and Ben Wolkowitz issued the following statement regarding their positions for the election:  “We have been advocating for transparency and openness on the Council and we want to start the process during our campaign. Besides our platform many of our positions and ideas are discussed in white papers posted on our website  The subjects addressed so far include:  Strategic Planning, Open Space, Shared Services, Madison’s Credit Rating, and Solar Power and the Cost of Electricity.

We hope that Madison voters will take the time to read these papers and send us your comments. Our intention is to continue issuing white papers on subjects of interest to our community if elected. We believe that this will foster more thoughtful and open government and better decision making by our Council. We also challenge our opponents to take the time to lay out their positions and ideas in detail so as to help our residents make an informed decision on Election Day.”