SUMMIT, NJ - The Madison High School girls lacrosse team won a nail biter against rival Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child on Thursday, 13-12. This win makes three straight for the Madison Dodgers. They came into the contest with back-to-back wins against West Morris Central and Kinnelon High School. Oak Knoll also entered Thursday's game with back-to-back wins against Westfield High School and Blair Academy.

It was clear from the start this was going to be a good match up. Both teams got on the score board quickly and matched each other point for point. The Dodgers displayed a fast offense as did the Oak Knoll Royals. Each team played well as a unit and the team members passed the ball around to their respective teammates with skill and discipline. The score stayed tight the entire first quarter with each team trading the lead a few times. The action went back and forth on the field with neither team gaining the upper hand.

It wasn't until the second quarter that things began to shift to one team's favor. Madison's #9 Chelsea Davies scored with an assist by teammate #6 Evan Foulsham to break an 8-8 tie at 18:03 left in the quarter. With the score now 9-8, this was quickly followed up by another Madison goal by the same duo, Davies and Foulsham, to make it 10-8. The two goals in quick succession broke the game wide open and the Lady Dodgers went on to widen their lead to 13-8.

Things looked grim for the Oak Knoll Royals but they weren't going down without a fight. With 8:13 left to play, the Royal's #12 Riccardi hit the net to make the score 13-9. This started an amazing comeback for Oak Knoll. Riccardis teammate #31 Sullivan scored to make it 13-10 at 7:23 and then Madison called time out. There was no doubt Madison coach Carol Rawding wanted her team to regroup but also slow down Oak Knoll's momentum. After the timeout, Madison concentrated on passing and keeping it out of Oak Knoll's hands.  Oak Knoll managed to wrest the ball from Madison and crank out two more goals with 3:19 and 1:02 left to play. The score was now 13-12 and time was running out. The Madison Dodgers ate up the remaining clock by keeping the ball away from the Oak Knoll Royals. Madison got away with a razor thin win, 13-12. Madison's season record is now 9-5-0. Oak Knoll is now 7-7-0 for the season.

An excited Madison head coach Carol Rawding said to her team, "We came on strong in the second half!...That's the step we needed against Mendham and Chatham! (referring to two teams Madison lost to earlier in the season)....We need to be strong in the second half every game!"

Oak Knoll head coach Elizabeth Brodbeck said post game, "We can't be too disappointed at this point but we can't let an opposing team, especially one of Madison's caliber, get too far ahead of us in a game...We had too much of a hole to get out of and we ran out of time."