MADISON, NJ -  Adam Spiel is Madison's newest "go to guy".   Adam's company "Go To Guy" will do everything from assemble furniture, hook up an Xbox, hang mirrors, shelves and artwork,  to take your pet to the vet.

Spiel realized there could be a demand in the service business in Madison and the surrounding areas. "You cannot find anyone local and trusted to do simple tasks for a reasonable price," he explains.  "There are a lot of busy people in Morris County; things like bringing a car in for service or inspection is difficult to find the time to do; waiting for the cable person with a four hour time slot requires a person to take a day off of work. I can handle that for them. I charge a reasonable hourly rate to do all things you just don't have the time to do."   He will even help pack or unpack you from a move. 

Spiel has found that the tasks he is asked to do can vary, and he is happy to adapt.  "I work with a few elderly people who can no longer drive and I shuffle them safely to doctors appointments and do their grocery shopping."

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"I've recently even done some bookkeeping for a small business right here in Madison." Spiel spent over 20 years working in corporate financial management, when he decided he wanted to do more with his day than sit at a desk.  He feels his attention to detail helps to provide customized, reliable personal service to his clients.  Adam has a homeowner-friendly set of skills that can handle small, odd-jobs it would be virtually impossible to get anyone else to do.  "I'm not a college kid, I own a home, I know how to handle things the way the owner would," he said.

And Spiel does all the work himself, he does not outsource.   If you hire him he is the one to handle the job.  When the task requires a more experienced trades-person he is happy to outsource and oversee that as well.

A Little of This, A Little of That

"I have worked with Adam for the past several months. He has helped with various tasks including selling items on craigslist, helping organize for large parties, hiring a team to move a large piece of furniture, and putting up new shelving, etc. Recently he negotiated a new car for me with a dealership—something I don’t have the interest or time to do. I find Adam trustworthy, efficient and reliable. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who is just too busy with work, family, or travel. It is well worth the value," said Matt, also of Madison NJ.

"Adam was a welcome and refreshing surprise for us.  We were entering the holiday season and had just moved.  We were overwhelmed with tasks.  Adam helped us organize, hung pictures, put furniture together and ensured our home was ready for a house full of family.  He was professional and efficient with all our projects," said Renee, of Madison, NJ.

Trusted Help

"I’ve been using Adam’s services for over a year, and in that time I’ve come to trust him with my home, car and even around my family. In most cases I email Adam a to-do list; not only does he get to work on my items immediately, but he also provides me with daily status updates. If an urgent need arises, my wife or I will text or call him and he responds in a very timely manner. Adam deals with various contractors and vendors when we don’t have the time (ie he found a playground set for us and supervised its installation). From hanging patio lights to unclogging toilets and mounting flat screen TVs, he has become our go to guy for getting things done around the house. We highly recommend Adam and his services," said Shaun, of Chatham NJ.

"Adam was referred to me by a neighbor.  He's done quite a few things for me and has always been on time, efficient, honest and trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone who needs odd jobs done around the house," said Theresa, of Madison.

Spiel is banking on the need for services like his in the area.  "Everyone is always saying, "Do you have a guy?" to do this or that.  I am that guy," said Spiel.

To contact Adam Spiel of Go To Guy visit: or call him directly at 973-906-0641 and mention TAP sent you.