MADISON, NJ - Escape Room in Madison, a unique Waverly Place entertainment venue that opened late last year, has unveiled a new room called King Arthur’s Castle: The Holy Grail. The storyline of the new room is that King Arthur is very ill and must drink from the holy grail in order to be cured. Merlin, an evil wizard, has hidden the holy grail in his chamber, and participants have 60 minutes to overcome his magic, find the grail and save the king.

Since opening in December, Escape Room has hosted hundreds of people who must work together to solve a series of riddles and puzzles that are based on logic and not necessarily knowledge. For this reason, Escape Room levels the playing field between kids and adults, making it a great family activity.

“It’s really fun watching families play the game, because you never know whether it’s going to be the youngest kid or the grandparent who unlocks that critical key,” said Armando DiRienzo, co-owner of Escape Room. “The logic that is needed transcends age.”

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“Increasingly, families are looking for memorable experiences -- not things,” said Michael Metzger, another co-owner of Escape Room. “Also, Escape Room is a welcome respite from cell phones and other digital technology. Players are immersed in a world where they are forced to interact with other humans in a non-digital format. It’s like an antidote to our overly teched-out lives.”

Metzger also mentioned how Escape Room has been popular for corporate team-building.

“Companies today are doing so much business over email that they are lacking in face-to-face experiences,” he said. “Escape Room solves that problem. When employees are here working together to solve a puzzle, everyone gets excited and shares in each other’s success -- it’s nice to see.”


King Arthur’s Castle: The Holy Grail is the second room at Escape Room’s Madison location. The first one, The Lost Cabin: Book of Souls, is still in operation and remains very popular. To book either experience, call 844-ESCAPE-6 or visit You can also stay up to date with Escape Room through any one of their social media accounts, including,, and

“We are booking up fast, so don’t wait,” said DiRienzo.