Technological advances in medicine continue to give us more information than was previously available.  Cone Beam 3D imaging in the dental office can now give dentists more precise detail with less radiation.  More detail translates into knowledge and success.  

With 3D imaging we are able to detect fractures in roots, position of nerves, root position, impactions and airway dimension that was impossible to see on regular 2D x-rays.  Because we can view the mouth in a 3D perspective, we can be more confident in our treatment planning when preparing for procedures like root canals, implant placement and orthodontic care.  

The concern with x-rays is always about how much radiation is present.  The added benefit of the newer 3D imaging systems is that they actually have much less radiation with more information.  Now it is possible to get a 3D representation of the patient’s oral structures with much less radiation than with a traditional panoramic x-ray.