MADISON, NJ - Grace Counseling Center, with a 26 year history of providing counseling and educational services to Madison and the greater Morris county area, has recently brought on board a new Executive Director. On May 1, Dr. Gary Myers assumed leadership of Grace Counseling Center from retired director, Tim Barrett. After a yearlong national search, Dr. Myers was recruited from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine where he was a tenured professor in the departments of Medical Humanities and Psychiatry.

During his tenure at the SIU School of Medicine, Dr. Myers taught in the areas of psychotherapy, spirituality and health, and psychosocial care. His research in these areas has received national and international honors. Dr. Myers was presented with two national awards from the John Templeton Foundation for his authoring of curricula in spirituality in psychiatry and spirituality in family practice medicine. His research has been published in national and international journals and he has lectured throughout the US and Europe. He is a visiting professor at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany and at The Lviv National Medical University in Lviv, Ukraine. He is the past president of the Association for the Behavioral Sciences and Medical Education and an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.

When asked what attracted him to Madison and the Grace Counseling Center, Dr. Myers said, "My teaching and research has convinced me of the value of integrating spirituality into psychological and medical care. As a result, I have for some time wanted to direct a counseling center that offered care that was grounded in the spiritual traditions of the community and informed by the best psychotherapeutic and medical practices."  He continued, "Grace Counseling Center seemed to be the natural next step. The Center has a highly trained staff of psychotherapists, who are committed to helping people find successful ways of meeting life's challenges that affirm and enhance their spiritual and ethical commitments. Moreover, the Center has an excellent Board of Trustees, who represent community schools, churches, and businesses, and passionately supports our work."  "All in all, I think that Madison and the Grace Counseling Center are a good fit for me," Myers added.

As to his vision for the Center, Dr. Myers said, "I want Madison and the surrounding communities to know that the services of Grace Counseling Center are open to everyone in the community including individuals, families, and community institutions, such as schools, churches, volunteer organizations, and other service groups. Although we recognize and affirm that there is a spiritual dimension to all healing and transformation, we welcome everyone whether or not they identify themselves or their need as spiritual or religious."

He continued, "More productive and meaningful living is always our goal for those seeking our help. I envision Grace Counseling Center as becoming a resource, not only for individuals, but also for schools, churches, and business that would like to examine and improve their corporate life and enhance the services that they offer their constituents." 

Dr. Myers added, "The Center offers a variety of consultative and educational services that can enhance communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and improve the general health of institutional corporate cultures."  He concluded, "I want to see Grace Counseling Center's 26 years experience of caring for people and strengthening communities to become available to a more diverse group of people and a wider array of community institutions."