Did you know the problems associated with contractor fraud are on the rise?  Don't let your project be doomed from the get-go because you neglected to do your homework.

You certainly want price to be fair, but if this is your only consideration, you may want to think twice  You could clearly be sacrificing the quality of the work, and your costs later could sky rocket.  

The lowest bidding contractor may simply want to win the contract and then you'll find lots of changes coming your way which will drive your costs back up.  

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Be sure you establish communication with a common goal of getting the work done properly and up to code.  

How do you know if they do what they say and say what they do?  

A tiny glimpse of their work ethic could be something as simple as showing up at the time they tell you.  Check experience.  Get testimonials.  The more inquisitive you are, the better the outcome will be.  

For greater security, free yourself from frustration and burden and go to www.angieslist.com.  It's a website that will provide you with reviews and recommendations when searching for a reputable local contractor.  

Don't be scammed or fooled.  Find out who you can trust and who to avoid.  

You have the power to take the "con" out of the contractor, and you'll be so happy you took that step when your project comes to completion at the right time and in the right way.