No matter what your fitness goal, JH Training can help you achieve it. Whether you’re new to the gym, in search of a better exercise plan or want to become more active, JH Training, a TAPinto Madison sponsor, has something for you. 

JH Training opened in February and is owned and operated by personal trainer and massage therapist Jason Hill. Hill has 13 years of experience as a personal trainer and has worked with people from all walks of life over the course of his career, including athletes, seniors and individuals with medical conditions. 

Hill said his passion for fitness stems from his childhood, when his asthma held him back from playing basketball. Exercise helped him overcome those limitations, he said, and inspired him to help others do the same. 

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“Getting yourself on an exercise program, finding the right type of exercise can make your life better,” he said. “As we get older, especially as we deal with various aches and pains, (fitness) is something that can help you continue to enjoy life the way you want to live it.” 

JH Training focuses on goal-oriented fitness, developing a unique and personalized routine that will help you get the results you desire—no matter what your ability level.

It all starts with an assessment, similar to a mini workout. 

“From that, we can figure out what your current ability level is and build you a program based on what you’re trying to achieve,” Hill said. “My approach is to really just kind of meet people where they are and to help them move forward from there. The goals really dictate the training.” 

Communication is key to developing the right plan, he said. If a client wants to be in better shape, Hill asks, “What does that mean to you?” 

When one of his clients said she wanted to become more active, Hill asked, “What does that mean to you?”

“For her, being in better shape means being able to get outside in her garden without having to ask for help, without having to stop and take a break and without being sore the next day,” he said. 

Fitness goals may change along the way, Hill said, and so will the plan to achieve those objectives. He mentioned a client who achieved several goals with his guidance.

“Her first goal was to get leaner,” he said. “She hit that and then decided she wanted to get a little stronger and learn how to do a full pull up. We got her up to five.” 

Hill said the right approach to exercise allows his clients—even the ones who hate exercise–develop a love for fitness. 

“Our motto is, ‘Life is better when you train,’” he said. “If people are here and they’re willing to put in the slightest bit of work, I can pretty much guarantee that they’re going to get what they’re looking for. Through assessment, individualized programming, education and ongoing coaching and support, we help our clients reach their goals.” 

JH Training offers one-on-one sessions, as well as small group classes and at-home personal training. Sessions are available by appointment only. Programs include resistance training with stretching, interval training, circuit training, aerobics and other types of exercise added where necessary.

For those looking for complete, private attention, a one-on-one is optimal, according to Hill. 
“The session can be arranged however you want it,” he said. “People have a chance to ask personal questions that are specific to them.” 

If you enjoy the social aspect of working out, a group session may be the right fit. Hill works with up to three people at a time, helping each achieve their individual fitness goals in a group setting. 

JH Training will host two free “Ask the Trainer” information sessions for the public on Friday, Dec. 15 at 9 a.m. and Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 4 p.m. at its home on 40 Main St, second floor.
Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution, learn how to stick to your fitness program, overcome obstacles and achieve real results. 

For more information, visit or call 201-779-0412.