Jo's Hope, a non-profit foundation that aims to provide educational information and resources for breast cancer in women of color, and charitable services and support to ANY woman with breast cancer, will host a Wine and Cheese Launch Party on Saturday, July 18, 2009. This event will be hosted by the Jo's Hope Board of Directors at the Historic Fordville Mansion, 20 Ford Hill Road, Whippany, NJ 07981.

During this event, the Board of Directors will discuss the foundation's mission and present guest speaker, Charron Y. Walker, CEO of Young Survivors Network.

For those interested in attending, RSVP no later than July 15th to Kelly Sallie at 610-905-0490 or

Jo's Hope was founded by Josephine Evans James of Easton, PA (formerly of Madison, NJ), who passed away on June 20, 2009 after her long battle. During her fight, Jo learned that the make-up of breast cancer is often different in women of color, especially black women. According to research, twice as many African-American women who have breast cancer die from it as white women. This increased mortality among African-American women may be linked to a population prevalence of a basal-like subtype of cancer in this group.

When she received her last diagnosis in January 2009, Jo was told that her cancer had metastasized and she should start planning for hospice. She immediately went to work and began step towards founding Jo's Hope. "I'd just like to make a difference in the lives of others who are suffering from this insidious disease and their loved ones, no matter how large or small," James said. "This foundation will help me do that by allowing us to share with each other in the name of sisterhood, love and unity. We all must do our share to find a cure."

Jo's identical twin sister, Katherine, echoes the need to raise awareness about breast cancer in the African-American population, as she reflects on the genesis of Jo's Hope. "This very ill, very determined woman started the process of putting together a foundation to research breast cancer in women of color and support anyone with breast cancer," said Katherine. "She worked very hard on this for the last few months of her life, appointing her daughter and her nieces, who are the most likely to inherit this dark legacy, as her Board of Directors, and got her foundation off the ground. I urge everyone to support Jo's endeavor with this very important work."

Jo's Hope was founded in March 2009 to provide educational information and resources for breast cancer in women of color. The foundation is also dedicated to working to raise funds to aid in the research of breast cancer in women of color and providing charitable and sources to anyone with breast cancer. For more information, visit