MADISON, NJ - is pleased to announce the official launch of its high school student-intern program.

The year-long unpaid internship was designed by members of The Alternative Press, along with various advisory boards and local high school administrators to help train young journalists for their future.

“This opportunity provides students with a chance to gain time management skills, a consistent work ethic, and a strong sense of responsibility,” West Orange High School principal Hayden Moore said. “The experience they gain will provide them with skills that translate in any job, career, or learning environment. I am very grateful that the Alternative Press have provided our students this amazing learning experience.”

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Students who take part in the program will gain extensive knowledge in how a daily news organization works, reporting on stories ranging from sports to school events.

Aside from gaining college resume-building experience, there is the possibility of earning scholarship money at the end of each academic year.

"Real world experience and training are critically important for students who will soon enter college and then attempt to obtain employment,” TAP’s founder Mike Shapiro said. “At, we are excited to be able to provide these skills to our students, which help them to succeed in the very competitive world of college admissions and later, the job market."

New Providence High School sophomore Brett Caminiti, who joined TAP’s internship program in May, said the opportunities are endless.

“I decided to join TAP because it offered me the opportunity to write articles for the high school, which is something no one else in the area can offer,” Caminiti said. “I really enjoy the internship program so far and I've vastly improved as a writer.”

This is an unpaid opportunity that will provide students an in-depth training program on journalistic concepts.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a student-intern for The Alternative Press of Madison, please contact Bonnie Cramer at