I’m wearing my 2018 May Day T-shirt, the year we recognized the 20th anniversary of May Day. Tomorrow would have been May Day 2020, with nearly 1,000 volunteers sprucing up our great town. While this will be the first time in 22 years where we won’t be smelling the fresh mulch and admiring all our work at the end of the first Saturday of May, it doesn’t mean we can’t respect the tradition of May Day.

It looks like the April showers that decided to extend into May will be taking a break this weekend, setting up for a great Saturday to honor May Day. I encourage you to get out and take in the fresh air, take a walk wearing a pair of gloves and pick up some of the litter remaining from winter. Make sure you dispose of your gloves properly when you finish your work.

We are hoping to still host the annual May Day, possibly as June Day or a family project signup program. Please stay tuned on that and continue your pre-May Day training regimen so you’ll be ready to spread the mulch.

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The parting of the clouds on Saturday comes as many of the state and county parks are reopening at sunrise on May 2. Note that parks will have reduced parking and are open for passive recreation only. For Madison residents, this means the Giralda Farms County Park on Woodland Rd., the Traction Line and the Loantaka walk/bike paths will be open.

If you go out to get exercise and to enjoy the spring weather make sure you follow the social distancing protocols by staying at least six feet apart and wearing a mask. When social distancing can not be easily achieved consider taking your walk somewhere else. Madison has many great parks and neighborhoods that are waiting to be explored by you. Here are a few tips for what should be a great weekend for walks, runs and bike rides.

• When walking on areas without sidewalks, go against traffic;

• Runners should leave the sidewalks to walkers and run in the street against traffic;

• Bicyclists should be in the road riding with traffic , except young cyclists may carefully use the sidewalk;

• If you approach another walker head to head, the person who would be going against traffic should move temporarily to the street, except always yield the sidewalk to families with young children;

• If you are walking the paths at Giralda Farms, please give each other at least 6 feet distance when passing head to head, this means someone has to move off the path.

A couple of other topics I want to touch on quickly. Borough of Madison Hartley Dodge Memorial 50 Kings Road Madison, NJ 07940 We just had a Special Council meeting approving the extension of the grace period for Second Quarter property tax payments to June 1. If you need to take advantage of this extra time please make sure that your taxes are paid by that date, otherwise we will have to charge interest going back to May 1 as per state guidelines. Note that we send 78 cents of every tax dollar to the Board of Education and Morris County. With our strong fiscal management we do not anticipate any problem continuing to meet this obligation.

And some good news to share! In a previous message I mentioned the possibility of delaying the twice a week garbage pickup due to vendor staffing concerns during the pandemic. I am happy to report that our hauler is able to maintain staffing levels so the week of May 11, we will start the twice a week garbage pickup. Please download Recycle Coach for your schedule and alerts.

Lastly, May 4 to 8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I want to thank all the teachers out there who in a very short amount of time completely changed their method of teaching. Thank you for your dedication at all times, but especially during this challenging period.

Don’t forget to check for updates on Rosenet.org on a regular basis.

Thank you for your time, take care of yourself, your loved ones and others through social distancing and personal protection measures.

Be Home, Be well