It appears that times are a changing! The world đźŚŽ is going through a pandemic right now and we all need to be more cautious in our daily activities.
Fortunately we’re doing fine up here at the North Pole, our elves are being home schooled for the next few weeks as we try to come to grips with what’s going on all around us.
I always say, use universal precautions! For the time being avoid large crowds, avoid handshakes and high fives, check on the elderly as they are at the highest risks and also be kind to others! We need to share! Be thoughtful! Think of others! It’s not a time to hoard items, as I just said think of others please!
As in the past, we shall overcome this obstacle and get back to the ways that we’re all used to living!
I hope all of you are safe and I’m thinking of you!