Dear Editor,

In these unprecedented times Americans need leaders who can make difficult proactive decisions, provide information, convey a sense of reassurance and provide a plan for crisis management.  We need leaders who will help us maintain hope for the future.  Unfortunately, Democrats – led by Nancy Pelosi – have used the pandemic as an opportunity to undermine their political enemy.

While this virus was rapidly spreading throughout Asia and Europe, the do-nothing Democrats-- led by Mikie Sherrill-- pushed for impeachment. Sherrill, along with six other House freshmen with military and national security backgrounds, launched a front-line attack when she co-authored an op-ed in the Washington Post, urging the House to impeach Trump if allegations of his interactions with the Ukrainian leader were proven true.

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Nancy Pelosi and Mikie Sherrill coordinated an assault on the President in September knowing full-well they had no chance of securing a guilty verdict from the Senate. When the country needed leaders the most, Nancy Pelosi and Mikie Sherrill’s primary goal was to attack President Trump and damage his political prospects in 2020.  Nancy Pelosi regularly criticizes the President’s response to the virus but fails to mention that she ignored intelligence about the threat of the virus and forced the entire nation’s attention elsewhere.

At a time when the American people needed to see their government as a united force ready to wage war against the invisible enemy, Nancy Pelosi focused on her political agenda.  When Congress convened to work on the 3rd stimulus effort, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats swooped in to leave their mark on the bill and loaded it with political favors for friends and donors. Instead of using the stimulus bill as an opportunity to quickly come to the aid of America's small businesses, Pelosi packed her political agenda into a bill meant to save struggling Americans from losing everything they own. Why are electoral reforms, wind and solar credits and $25 million for Kennedy Arts Center important during a pandemic?

When President Trump made the courageous and decisive decision to ban travel to China in January, Pelosi criticized him for xenophobia, a classic tactic of the left to sow divisiveness. When Trump’s decision ultimately turned out to be the correct one, Pelosi doubled down on her comments and tried to blame the deaths of innocent Americans on the president. It is shameful that Pelosi continues to capitalize on the plight of thousands of Americans by blaming Trump.

Elected officials have a duty to put aside their differences and work together in the best interest of the American people. One would think Pelosi, as Speaker of the House and Mikie Sherril, would have taken this opportunity and try to lead the country through a difficult time.  Instead the Democrats were hellbent on exposing the political divides that exist in our country and getting Democrats into office at the expense of the health and safety of those they are supposed to represent.


Daniel DuBois

Montville, NJ