NJ Primary Day -- Are you a party member? Are you voting?

I am disappointed in the New Jersey electoral process. I am one of more than 2,400,000 unaffiliated voters in New Jersey. That's more than there are registered as either Republican or Democrat.

Independent voters are not complacent, “swing voters,” or undecided voters. We are not inactive. We simply refuse to declare allegiance to a party in order to exercise our right to vote.

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Primaries are used by political parties to choose candidates to put up for election, yet they are paid for by your tax dollars. Without declaring allegiance to the Republican or the Democrat party, it is not possible to vote in the New Jersey Primary. One voter, one vote should be the standard, with no party affiliation necessary.

If you care about voter participation, voters rights, and a fair electoral process, please stand in support of Open Primaries. In New Jersey today, more registered voters are ineligible to vote than are eligible to vote.

New Jersey practices taxation without representation by barring independent voters from the polls. The time for change is now.

If you care at all about letting every voice being heard in our elections, please take the Open Primary survey at


Thank you!

Forever Independent,