Candidate for Mayor Rob Catalanello recently posted a press release on his Catalanello for Mayor Facebook page regarding Madison's electric supply. In this release, Catalanello points out that one of the sources of Madison's electric supply is nuclear energy.

This is true, but, the town is already projected to be off nuclear power within the next two years. At that point, over 70% of our supply is projected to come from renewables, with the remainder from fossil fuels (primarily due to peak-demand requirements which are generally met with natural gas peaker plants).

After I explained this in a comment on his post, the comment was blocked and I was banned from commenting on his page. I understand politicians want to control the narrative on their campaign pages, but if this is how Catalanello responds to fact checking, I am concerned how he would behave as mayor if he's presented with facts he disagrees with or which don't fit his narrative.