Upcoming Madison Borough Mayoral and Council elections are more important than voters can imagine. Six highly committed and dedicated residents are running for office: for the Democrats, incumbents Mayor Conley and Councilwoman Byrne, along with challenger Ehrlich. For the Republicans, former Councilman Catalanello, incumbent Councilman Rowe, and challenger Dailey. 

What we need to be aware of is that one candidate, through endorsements from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Our Revolution, is clearly a committed Bernie Sanders Progressive. These two groups, especially Our Revolution, are extreme advocates for Sanders-style socialism. In fact, on Our Revolution’s website it is clearly stated that “The next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement is Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.”  Is this what Madison truly wants? I do not think so.

 The candidate who has received these endorsements is Democrat Rachel Ehrlich.

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I find it curious and alarming that Madison’s small-town local politics are now infected by the involvement of these two organizations. The Democrats have always maintained that their focus is on local issues, the betterment of Madison, etc., but apparently, that’s no longer true. By accepting these endorsements (and being very proud of them, by the way), Ehrlich and the Democrats have demonstrated that their motives and interests have changed. Ultimately, their policies and progressive/socialist alignment will not be good for Madison.

I urge all to vote for Rob Catalanello for Mayor and Pat Rowe and Kathy Dailey for Council on Tuesday, November 5. They are extremely competent and clearly committed to Madison. They will focus on matters particular to Madison and not on advancing a national agenda.



Denis W. Schreiber

Madison, New Jersey