FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Four feet of snow was not enough to keep the students at the London Day School inside.

For weeks schools have been battling with snow and ice and children have been unable to play outside for quite some time. But Danielle Lindner, director of the London Day School in Florham Park, decided enough was enough.  This week they brought in an entire team to shovel out the playground so that the kids could get back on the turf and play outside once again. 

"We know it is very unconventional to shovel out an entire playground and extremely expensive," Lindner said, "but this was the only way to get our students out again. Children need exercise, running, jumping and time to enjoy the fresh air.  Every school playground in the area is covered in multiple feet of snow but we decided that something had to be done.

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After hours of shoveling the students finally made it outside again on a sunny 40-degree day. The children appreciated having their playground back again. 

"We only hope that the rest of the winter will be mild so that we can keep our playground snow free for students to enjoy," Lindner said. "There is really nothing that we won't do to make sure that our students have the very best experience every day--giving them back their playground was just one of them."