MADISON, NJ -  Love, peace, justice and respect were the messages delivered by First Baptist Church's senior pastor, Reverend Craig Dunn, as he addressed the over 200 members of the community who came together for a Circle of Prayer event on Saturday, June 6th.

Reverend Dunn was joined by Madison's Mayor Bob Conley and Police Chief, Darren Dachisen.  Also joining the event was Chatham Borough's Chief of Police, Brian Gibbons who addressed the crowd that consisted of Madison, Chatham and Florham Park residents.  

The central theme echoed by the community leaders was one of our local communities not being reflective of what was going on in the national news.  They all delivered messages of respect and safety while re-committing their joint missions of serving the community.

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The crowed cheered.  They also responded with Amen and Hallelujah when the Reverend spoke. 

All raised their hands in unison and asked God for His blessing on the community and the nation, when Reverend Dunn requested them to do so. 

When people left the field, they wished each other love, God's blessings, and peace.  

The event was a bright light to the community.


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