MADISON, NJ – The Madison Arts and Culture Alliance (MACA), in conjunction with the Downtown Development Committee (DDC), held their second annual Sidewalk Gallery Gala and Auction at the historic Hartley Dodge Memorial Building on Friday night.

MACA President Deborah Starker spoke to the gala’s larger purpose in the community: “This is Madison’s 125th anniversary we wanted to tie in history, art, and culture altogether.”

“We hope all of this will grow...It supports the town. It’s a win-win for everybody,” added Maureen Byrne, vice chair of the DDC.

The auction featured 24 canvas banners, designed by 12 local artists. The banners, which had hung throughout downtown Madison since May, portrayed maps, agriculture, and notable borough landmarks. Several banners depicted roses in honor of Madison’s moniker: The Rose City.

Those who purchased VIP tickets began to bid via silent auction at 7 p.m. Bidding for others began at 8 p.m.

Event organizers provided wine, cheese, and other refreshments. Tours of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building were also provided.

At 7:30 p.m., members of John Lamb’s Artillery Company, dressed in authentic colonial garb, fired off a Revolutionary War replica cannon. Mayor Robert Conley operated the fuse. They fired the cannon a second time an hour later.

The event concluded with a live auction of the banners with silent bids exceeding $250. Starker thanked the DDC, Mayor Conley, and all those who volunteered their help. Mayor Conley and Eric Range served as auctioneers. The live auction closed with the announcement of the silent auction winners.

The artists featured were Medy Bozkurtian, Danielle Auriemma-D’Amico, Dan Fenelon, Susan Gepford, Tine Graham, Amy Thompson Hill, Chris Kappmeier, Sally Lebwohl, Maria Lupo, Gail Marfdin, Dennis McKee and Kris Pfeifer. Funds raised first paid the artists and then were split between MACA and the DDC.

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