MADISON, NJ - Currently, the Borough has a single, Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) that is configured to contain 4000 gallons of unleaded gas and 4000 gallons of diesel fuel. 

Superstorm Sandy exposed a weakness in Municipal operations in that certain extreme events can stress the Borough's ability to ensure Emergency services vehicles and backup generators are kept operational.

As a means of ensuring municipal and emergency services operation can continue uninterrupted, the Borough has doubled its fuel capacity for both unleaded and diesel with the purchase and installation of a new 8000 gallon Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) for diesel fuel. The existing split-fuel tank is being converted in-place to become a dedicated, 8000 gallon unleaded gasoline tank.

Future planned improvements to the Borough's fueling operations include a canopy over both tanks to increase their operational life and reduce required maintenance, better lighting for nighttime fueling, a fuel filtration system for the diesel fuel, and improved access to the dispenser.