MADISON, NJ - With the release of documents under the Open Public Records Act concerning a suit by Patrolman Anthony Kaspereen, plaintiff, and the retirement as of Aug. 1 by Police Chief John Trevena, the borough can now move forward in restructuring the police department. The force has been reduced to 26 officers.

Borough Attorney Matthew Giacobbe said discussion regarding changes to the police department could occur at the Monday, Aug. 13, council meeting.  When asked about the status of the case during recent council meetings, Giacobbe said the matter was dealt with in executive session. '"We will not discuss individual employees. It goes to the county prosecutor's office. The council will not get involved," he said.

A $600,000 settlement has been reached, with $350,000 to Kaspereen for personal and physical injury, $50,000 for lost wages and $200,000 to the plaintiff's attorney, Kevin E. Barber.  Kaspereen has said that he spent nine hours walking downtown Madison at night, with no backup, during the summer of 2010. He said he suffered dehydration and other health problems.

The borough said in a statement that it admits to no wrongdoing or violations. Rather, the settlement was reached to resolve the dispute and avoid further expenditures.

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