MADISON, NJ – Madison Mayor Robert Conley said he felt the time was right to revisit the council’s code of conduct practices at Monday's Borough Council meeting. 

“How do we do it here in Madison? This should be put on paper,” he said.

Attorney Matthew Giacobbe said he would assign specific questions to share at the next meeting.  “It should be re-codified,” he said. The attorney added that the state judicial system would review the document. “It should be sent to the judge. The taxpayers are already paying for that service.” He added that ethics on the local level could be compromised, while the state, similar to the Superior Court, offers neutrality.  “We’re already paying the state for this service, so it doesn’t make sense to do it ourselves,” he said.

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But resident John Hoover disagreed. He said the borough should have its own autonomy in the matter. He also asked that the Code of Conduct document be available to the public. Conley said the document would be available before action is taken. 

Hoover had concerns in other areas as well. He said that council members should not be arguing their views in the local press. “There’s ample opportunity at council meetings to express your views,” he said.

In other issues, Finance Officer Robert Kalafut highlighted budget transfers for a total of $172,000 to meet demands for the balance of tax collector, municipal court, fire department and public works. 

The council approved ordinances regarding off-duty employment of police officers, parking restrictions on Keep Street and $80,000 from the water capital improvement fund for the purchase of a new generator.

The consent agenda included a resolution authorizing the Madison Green Fair on April 23, 2015 and the closing of Green Village Road in front of the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts for the event.  A resolution will authorize renewal of membership with the North Jersey Municipal Employees Benefits Fund.