MADISON, NJ – A required best practices inventory for 2016 will help assure state aid for the coming year, according to Acting Chief Financial Officer James Burnet.

Burnet said of the 30 questions asked, the borough scored 97%. “We were unable to answer number 10,” he said, regarding segregation of duties. He said of the 560 municipalities, many others did not comply either. The question required a separate cashier function for each permit, making for a cumbersome arrangement, he said. A person would have to go to one department for a permit, then elsewhere to pay the fee and then return to complete the transaction. “It’s not feasible,” he said.

For this recurring event, Burnet praised “a great combined effort of payroll, personnel and a public session.”

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In other matters, the council adopted an ordinance amendment to create the position of chaplain for the Madison Police Department. Oath of Office was given to two chaplains that evening. Included in the volunteer position are Father Derek Anderson, St. Mary’s Church; Rev. Craig Dunn, The Madison First Baptist Church; Rev. Scott Foster, The Presbyterian Church of Madison and Rev. Msgr. George Hundt, St. Vincent’s Martyr Church.  Duties include assisting the Police Department in death notifications, station house adjustments or other matters. Term of office is one year or may be reappointed.

Borough Administrator Raymond Codey described a 75- page document that recognizes the need for a lieutenant position within the Fire Department. That would allow a supervising officer at each event.

Catalaello made the point that the position created as part of the collective bargaining agreement with the Firefighter’s Mutual Benevolent Association involved a safety issue, not a financial change.

Mayor Robert Conley said Bottle Hill Day had been successful and that this is the final week of the Farmers’ Market until spring.  The next public council meeting will be at 8 p.m. Monday, Oct 24, when there will be an electric rate discussion.