MADISON, NJ – Sommerhill Park, Hillcrest Triangle and James Park all came up for discussion at Monday night's Borough Council meeting.

The council adopted resolution for trail restoration at the Summerhill Park through a grant program. Council member Astri Baillie said the open space program has made funds available for trails and parks. She said the cost would be $100,000, with 80 percent funded by the county.  

Before the vote, Councilman Robert Catalanello asked if the grant would be enough. He was concerned, he said, that the borough would be paying more of the cost. Baillie said the resolution was a letter of intent, with a vote on the grant to come later.

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The council also approved a Hillcrest Triangle Plaque dedication. “The plaque will be on a pedestal with the sundial," Mayor Robert Conley said, and will be dedicated to Larry Tabor, who contributed to the community as a county and borough historian, serving on the Housing Authority and a supporter of the library.

Resident Tom Crimmins asked about the memorial bricks at James Park. “Madison did an outstanding job and I’d like to see the park opened up every two years for new bricks.” The resident said he wanted to dedicate a brick to a friend who had been swept away in a rip tide, which was written up in the Wall Street Journal. “Mayor Dunn told me there had been 50 requests for new bricks,” he said.  Mayor Conley said, “It’s a great idea” and Councilwoman Carmela Vitale would follow up.

Resident Sam Ciccarello asked how contracts for construction work are determined and if they are usually give to local businesses.  “I’m a local contractor,” he said, having donated dugouts and a Snack Shack on Rosedale Avenue. “I hear people saying Shop in Madison. What about contractors?”

Assistant Administrator Jim Burnet said that three bids are considered for every project and most of them are local or in nearby communities.

Three ordinances were introduced, including $14,500 for new signs at various parks; $75,000 from the electric utility capital improvement fund for traffic signal and call box improvements and $150,000 for the east wing of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building.

The council will hold just one meeting in August, at 8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 8.