MADISON, NJ - The Madison Dodgers didn't have any problems getting their 32nd straight win Saturday afternoon against Kittatinny. In the beginning of the first quarter the Dodgers were already up by 13 points.

As the quarter went on Madison scored another touchdown when Madison's quarter back Carson Lassiter threw a touchdown pass to his brother, Layton.

Kittatinny was able to score a touchdown when Madison had a breakdown on defense. Co-captain for the Dodgers, Devin Koep, said that the mistakes that they made during the game are the ones that the team is trying to eliminate going forward.

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By halftime, Madison was up 31 to 7.

Matt McDonald, another Madison Co-captain, said that, "Kittatinny had a great quarterback and receiver" but that Madison's defense was able to mostly shut them down.

Madison's quarterback, C. Lassiter, threw several passes for touchdowns. McDonald said that the offense played very well. "We made some really good running plays but we also made so great passing plays," McDonald told

Madison won the game 61-7 and obtained their 32nd straight win.

Madison is now 7-0.  Kittatinny falls to 3-5.